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Community Sustainability

In 2022, Portland, Maine hosted more than 2.4 million visitors. Many of those visitors also spent time in Freeport and the Kennebunks. Managing the expectations of tourists as well as anticipating what our communities could do to help facilitate a better visitor experience is paramount to sustaining our communities for the enjoyment of all. Cruise Portland Maine has made destination management its key sustainability goal.

Sustainable Tourism

Cruise Portland Maine’s vision of sustainable tourism practices is framed in terms of criteria outlined by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council. The cruise industry also uses the same criteria to foster sustainability as it relates to the places their ships visit. The cruise industry desires to partner with organizations such as CPM to help preserve the integrity, cultural heritage, and beauty of treasured destinations like Portland. They share a common vision to capture the social and economic benefits of tourism for residents while safeguarding the sustainability of the cruise destination for future generations. The cruise industry shares a common vision of sustainable tourism and a coordinated approach within Portland and community partners. Cruise Portland is the key partner destination management organization equipped to facilitate collaboration among the many stakeholders and set the foundation for continued success.

Working Together

Nothing happens overnight but working together, CPM envisions unifying the diverse voices surrounding tourism and cruise ship passenger visitation behind a common long-term and sustainable plan. It will involve Strategic Planning, Stakeholder Engagement, Inventories of our Infrastructure, Cultural and Heritage Assets, Public Participation and Partnerships as well as Program Management to include Training and Education. CPM hopes to show leadership in the planning and management of sustainable cruise passenger visitation and welcomes your support. Together, we will maintain appropriate tourism levels and provide working solutions that also protect economic opportunities for local people.

Cruise Ship Schedule

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