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Cruise Portland Maine

Cruise Portland Maine was established in 2006 as a Consortium to attract the cruise ship industry to the Port of Portland and its complimenting shore excursion destinations of Freeport and Kennebunkport. At that time, Portland received fewer than 20 ships a year. Today, we welcome approximately 100 ships a year.

The Consortium has strengthened cruise ship visitation through collaborative efforts with the City of Portland, Visit Portland, Visit Freeport, the Kennebunk/Kennebunkport/Arundel Chamber of Commerce, and a partnership with CruiseMaine.

Along with working to increase ship visits through networking at industry events, meeting with itinerary planners, and hosting cruise executives for site visits, Cruise Portland Maine strategically focuses on destination management practices that minimize adverse social, economic, and environmental impacts of cruise ship visitation to generate more significant economic benefits for local businesses.

Cruise Portland Maine seeks to be the venue for collaborative discussion and action among the many stakeholders, Portland’s cruise tourism industry, and our local communities.




Cruise Ship Schedule

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