Q.  Do passenger vessels have priority berthing?
A.  Yes, dock locations are first come first choice but larger vessels take priority

Q.  Are there any restrictions on arrival or departure times?
A.  No, but the ships should stay on the schedule that they provided the port as another vessel may be scheduled to arrive

Q.  What are the prevailing winds in Portland?
A.  15 to 20 knots from the Southwest

Q.  Are pilot mandatory for all vessels?
A.  Yes, all vessels must use the Portland Pilots

Q.  What is the position of the Pilot Station?
A.  LAT 43-31.63 North, LONG 70-05.30 West

Q.  How long does it take to get to the berth from the Pilot Station?
A.  One hour

Q.  What is the maximum speed allowed by the Port Authority?
A.  12 knots and reducing from #12 Cat Fish Rock Buoy

Q.  What is the height of the Pilot transfer location?
A.  2 to 3 meters above sea level

Q.  Are there any air draft restrictions?
A.  No

Q.  What is the narrowest width and depth of the approach channel?
A.   1000 feet wide and 35 feet deep MLLW

Q.  What is the turning radius in the channel?
A.  The turning radius is 1300 feet in diameter and 35 feet deep off Pier 2, Berth 2  (P2B2)

Q.  What is the maximum draft allowed in the port?
A.  The maximum draft allowed is 32 feet

Q.  What is the maximum LOA allowed?
A.  The port can handle ships up to 1200 feet in length but must be decided based on ship door locations

Q.  Are tug boats required for docking?
A.  No, the Coast Guard does have the right to require tugs during excessive winds

Q.  Are the tugs located within 30 minutes of the port? How much notice is required for tugs?
A.  Yes, two hour minimal notice is required

Q.  What is the maximum and minimal tidal range?
A.  Minimal tide is 9.1 feet, maximum tide is 12 feet

Q.  What is the width and height of the pier?
A.   P2B2 is a floating berth, the float is 120 feet long and 50 feet wide and sets 8 feet above the water line.   POT is 35 feet wide and 1000 in length and sets 16 feet above MLLW

Q.  What is the preferred side of the ship alongside?
A.  We prefer that the ships come in port side along the pier.

Q.  What is the distance from the port to the city center?
A.  ¼ mile

Q.  Maximum quantity of water available?
A.  1500 gpm at 100psi at the POT and P2B2